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Federal Hybrids introduces FarmGate Hybrids

You will now see FarmGate seed corn bags in place of Federal Hybrids bags at your Rural King store. FarmGate is an exclusive seed corn brand distributed by Federal Hybrids, available only at Rural King stores.

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We're redefining the seed industry by giving you access to top-quality seed corn exactly when you need it. Located in Iowa, we're a rapidly growing seed company dedicated to providing you easy access to top-quality seed corn. Our team is comprised of farmers, agronomists and entrepreneurs and we've partnered exclusively with Rural King stores to bring our seed to you. We're happy to serve you and look forward to a long lasting relationship. We'd love to get to know you better, so why not send us a note? Thank you for helping feed the world! #farmgate

Frequently Asked Questions

We've simply renamed our seed brand at Rural King stores from Federal Hybrids to FarmGate. You will continue to receive the same quality seed you've been planting for many years. Thank you for your loyalty!

Yes! We're excited to offer our seed corn online at

You can learn more about specific hybrids on our products page.

The Monsanto Technology/Stewardship Agreement (MTSA) is a legal agreement between Monsanto and a grower that gives the grower a license to use Monsanto Technology. Any grower who wishes to plant Farmgate seed (other than conventional hybrids) must have a valid MTSA. To learn more, check out our MTSA Frequently Asked Questions

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing you quality seed corn at a reasonable price. We believe you should have access to seed corn exactly when you need it.

I'm not a big farmer, but I've been planting this seed corn for 10 years and I love it!

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We understand that without you, we're nothing. That's why our entire team is dedicated to your success.

Dedicated to Quality

You need access to top-quality technology and no one understands that better than us. We're dedicated to providing you seed that works well in your area.

Devoted to Innovation

Our agronomists and product managers constantly monitor new innovations in the seed industry and adapt our lineup to ensure we meet your changing needs.

FarmGate Hybrids are available exclusively at Rural King stores

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Looking for the perfect blend of Performance and Value?